What an incredible journey it's been with Swatch's sequel to the groundbreaking MoonSwatch trend from 2022. It's undeniable – the MoonSwatch remains a sensation. Reflect on this: Swatch and Omega, both subsidiaries of the Swatch Group, teamed up to introduce an impressively budget-friendly rendition of the iconic Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, featuring a bioceramic quartz timepiece on a velcro band. The reception was immediate and widespread, elevating watch appreciation to new heights. Nowadays, spotting a MoonSwatch on someone's arm is almost routine. I, for one, proudly wear mine frequently. However, 2023, as extensively discussed here on Hodinkee, spotlighted MoonSwatch's encore: The Quest for Moonshine Gold. Delve into the 2023 archives for a recap, but essentially, the brands enriched their celebrated watch with a gleaming Moonshine Gold-coated stopwatch second hand. Each month since March brought a fresh design (including the notably popular blue Neptune-based version in August), culminating now as we wrap up this segment.

Swatch practically affirmed this development via an Instagram snapshot this month, unveiling a collection of Moonshine MoonSwatch timepieces, leaving just a single spot vacant. Now, marking the "Cold Moon," this year's final full moon, the revelation is here. Celebrating the festive season and lunar themes, the watch retains its original Mission to the Moon color scheme, complemented by a Moonshine stopwatch hand adorned with a snowflake design. The term "Snowflake" resonates with enthusiasts, recalling the iconic Tudor MN "Snowflake" Submariner in blue and the contemporary Grand Seiko "Snowflake."

Given this legacy, I'm somewhat reluctant to categorize the MoonSwatch alongside other "Snowflake" models, even if its gold finish nudges me otherwise. Nevertheless, "Cold Moon" stands as a fitting title. This exclusive piece is available globally on December 27, solely on that day, at chosen Swatch stores. For those in the US, here are the venues:

  • Lincoln Road 551, Miami Beach
  • 1535 Broadway Times Square, New York
  • Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas
  • 5th Ave, New York
  • Mall of Millenia, Orlando
  • UTC Westfield Mall, San Diego
  • Westfield Topanoga, Los Angeles
  • Valley Fair, San José
  • North Park, Dallas

Like its predecessors this year, there's little more to decipher beyond the hand's design. Yet, its significance is undeniable as the concluding piece. Predictions are futile; perhaps we'll witness a resurgence in January and February.

Reflecting on a year that not only birthed this trend but also witnessed the Swatch Group amplifying the MoonSwatch's triumph through a fresh Swatch and Blancpain alliance with the "Scuba Fifty," it's evident that more MoonSwatch variants await. Many anticipate novel hues or editions echoing heritage designs. Reliable sources hint at an ongoing momentum, whether it's MoonSwatch or further joint ventures.